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India has no dearth of talents. Ask Silicon Valley startups to Wall Street giants. But to build a great India, we need the talents at prices we in India can afford. Ajubaa brings on board the best Indian talents in creative, digital business and related categories. Let us help build your business better, smarter and cheaper. Make in Digital India.

A Logo. A Business Plan. A UX Designer. And Our Startup Was On. All Within A Week"

Malini Ahuja, Founder

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Now, you can start your company in hours. You can run a campaign in days. Or you can pitch to a VC in a week with a full Business Plan developed with an expert here in Ajubaa. Start searching and you will be amazed at the choices you have. All for ₹1000.

We Started with a UI Design Support. We Ended Developing the Whole App Using Ajubaa

Raj Bansal, Co-founder

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India's Smartest gathering of creative, digital and business professionals give you anything under the sun. You will be surprised how easy, cheap and safe the Ajubaa experience is. Our payment protection ensure you get what you asked for or got what was offered. Let's collaborate to build a brighter India.

Began With a Video. Then Social Media. Now We Use Ajubaa For All Our Marketing & Digital Services

Carbon Fashion
Ayesha Kapoor, Founder

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